Pregnancy & birth doula services

Pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming. Having a doula on your team can make all the difference. Birch + Magnolia is here for you and your partner throughout the entire journey with customized support based on your visions and goals.

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  • Educating on comfort measures for every stage of pregnancy and labor
  • Guidance and unbiased support through all labor and delivery options
  • Discussing signs and symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders that can be experienced throughout pregnancy and after delivery


  • Coaching you and your partner on stretches and techniques to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy and labor
  • Providing comfort measures so your partner can support you emotionally and spiritually while also being able to enjoy the birth experience
  • Providing basic breastfeeding support 

emotional & Spiritual

  • Providing support and guidance throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth
  • Empowering you to communicate your vision of labor and birth
  • Creating a calming environment during labor
  • Encouraging participation of your partner and offering reassurance
  • Promoting bonding between you and your new baby
Studies have shown that having a doula as a member of the birth team decreases:
the overall cesarean rate by 50%,
the length of labor by 25%,
the use of oxytocin [pitocin] by 40%,
and requests for an epidural by 60%.
— American Pregnancy Association