Postpartum Recovery & Newborn Care Support

Culturally it has become so common for parents and families to plan and prepare for birth, from childbirth education classes and creating a birth plan, to stocking up on baby gear and exploring baby fairs. However, once the little one is born, many are left with the question "Now what?" as they prepare to leave the hospital or experience their first few days at home with a newborn. At Birch + Magnolia it is our intention to not only prepare families for those initial days, which can be so exhausting and overwhelming, but also to support, educate, and empower families to create a strong family beginning, well into their first years together. You don’t have to figure out all the 'after you get the baby home stuff' on your own! We offer nationwide and travel after-baby care & support as live-in doula and newborn care specialists, so you don’t ever have to go at this alone!


Postpartum doula support

Bringing home a newborn can be a huge adjustment for the whole family, whether it's your first or your fourth. In our fast-paced culture, parents and families often experience unrealistic expectations to quickly bounce back and resume the life they led before baby. And yet, life looks nothing like it did before this sweet bundle entered your life. From helping you processing your birth experience, to navigating the shifts in your relationships, and tackling the overwhelming task of household management, we foster strong, nourished, and confident families as they transition thru this precious time. 

Starting at $175


overnight newborn Care

Commonly referred to as night nanny or baby nurse services, overnight baby care is one of our most beloved ways to support families. As Advanced Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) we provide personalized in-home care through the night so you can be well-rested and recovered to bond with your baby during the day. Whether it's a single night, several months or live-in support, we will customize a plan to best support you. Services are available nationwide, both short-term and long.

Starting at $350