Birch + Magnolia is passionate about family beginnings being rooted in trust, peace of mind,   and confidence.

Becoming a family is a journey unlike any other. Every family has a unique story about how they began; caught by surprise, planned, surrogacy, adoption. Nevertheless, the addition of your child magically changes everything. Whether you are expecting for the first time or adding to your fold, we are here to guide you with personalized support, encouragement, and coaching from conception through the toddler years.

Before Baby: Pregnancy & Birth

Through the ups and downs of pregnancy, to the nesting and planning, continuing into birth, we support you in every step of the journey. 

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After Baby: Transition & Sleep

From helping you rest and recover, to easing your little one's transition, and nurturing blissful bedtime routines, we are your guides & extra set of hands. 

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